Thanks to your knowledge of Kubernetes, CI / CD and Infrastructure as Code, our customers successfully build Cloud Native applications!

As a driven platform and infrastructure engineer AppFactory, you build, maintain and support a set of Kubernetes clusters and associated platform services for KPN business customers.

Digitization makes the development of applications and other digital services increasingly relevant for organizations. Speed is the decisive factor in this. The faster companies convert an idea into an application, the faster they offer users much-needed new functionalities. In our development street (AppFactory), applications are well managed and quickly brought to production.

KPN Datacenter Amsterdam Paalbergweg.

With who?
The AppFactory team consists of 8 passionate people, who love their profession! We help companies to accelerate in an innovative way with a sophisticated combination of our DevOps and Continuous Delivery platform.

Working on new opportunities.
Appfactory is a service of KPN in which we have mixed the next steps in the field of Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure as Code and Container Platform as a Service, so companies can quickly convert an idea into an application that they have built. We deliver the tool chain, on demand infrastructure and managed services to autonomous agile teams of our clients to take the step to DevOps, without the need for an investment in technology and expertise. In your job as AppFactory Engineer you contribute to this by:

  • Building, maintaining and supporting a set of Kubernetes clusters and associated platform services for KPN business customers.
  • Automating and standardizing Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline “as a Service” functionality;
  • Automating middleware and infrastructure stacks (traditional and open-source);
  • Automating PAAS (Platform as a Service) functionality;
  • Automating CAAS (Container as a Service) platform functionality;
  • The integration and automation of / with management facilities such as logging, security and monitoring components;
  • The performance of life-cycle management.
  • Support to DevOps teams of business customers who use KPN AppFactory.

You have a passion for platform and infrastructure automation.

We work with innovative technology and methods, such as: Infrastructure & platform automation; Provisioning / scripting: Terraform, Ansible, Javascript (Node.JS), Go, Python, Bash; Orchestration / Containers: Docker, Kubernetes, Calico; Databases / DBA: Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, Mongo; Operating systems: ContainerLinux (CoreOS) and div. other linux distributions in containers; Cloud platforms: VMware vRealize, vCloud Director, Amazon, Azure. Software generation tools: Continuous Integration: Git, Maven, Make, Jenkins, Nexus, SonarQube, Selenium; XebiaLabs products: XL Release; Monitoring / logging: ElasticSearch, Fluentd, Kibana, SysDig; Working in Agile teams: Agile SCRUM process, DevOps; Working with Jira & Confluence, Slack, Bitbucket, Github; TDD, BDD.

Work with your new colleagues.
There is a real engineering culture in KPN AppFactory’s team. Highly educated researchers, designers, developers who spend 20% of their time exploring new technology. Kubernetes, Terraform, Cloud APIs, CI / CD have no more secrets to us. We regularly contribute in Open Source projects around datacenter automation. The engineering culture is also: 100% responsible for the platforms where mission critical applications of customers run. Building new functionality and improving the reliability of existing functionality. We build it, we run it.

What do you bring us?
For this vacancy of AppFactory Engineer at KPN you bring us:

  • Knowledge of the above technologies and methods
  • Passion for software engineering
  • Drive for continuous improvements in team work
  • Broad knowledge of software infrastructure technologies and experience with various software – production processes and technologies;
  • Good communicative skills. You coordinate both the functional and technical aspects of the software within your team and with stakeholders outside the team.

We can also count on your:

  • “Can-do” mentality and acting according to the Agile and LEAN principles;
  • Willingness to run “stand-by” services.
  • Good command of the Dutch and English language in word & script

Samenvatting vacature Senior AppFactory Engineer

Bedrijfsnaam:  KPN
Vestigingsplaats/Standplaats:  Reigersbos, Amsterdam (NL)
Functie:  Senior AppFactory Engineer
Branche:  Software
Opleidingsniveau:  Onbekend
Dienstverband:  Fulltime
Aanstelling:  Onbekend